Tenant Insurance Alberta


Many renters are under the impression that home insurance protects large claim items, like appliances, building structure or the house or outer building. Chances are if you’re renting, the landlord likely has their own insurance which will cover this kind of claim. What their insurance will not cover is your personal effects- things like clothing, jewellry, electronics, furniture etc. In addition, your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover you if someone is injured on your property.

That’s why a renter needs renter’s insurance! It will help cover and replace these personal possessions should damage or loss occur due to a covered risk. Contact Action Insurance Group to find out how we can customize your policy to match your individual needs!

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Protect Yourself with Liability Insurance.

Costly accidents can happen and without liability insurance you could be on the hook for the costs personally. Example:  If a fire in your rental affects your neighbouring units, you could be held responsible to pay for the damages. Or, if someone slips on your wet front entrance and breaks their arm – you could be financially accountable for their medical costs and lost wages.

  • All-Risk
  • Personal Liability
  • Contents Insurance
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage

What our customers are saying after they took action on their tenant insurance …

“I dropped my camera recently and thanks to the great recommendation from Danielle to have a personal articles floater, it was replaced no hassle. Really important to see your insurance company in Action when you need them most, which i did!”

Zack S.

“I am so glad I switched to Action Insurance Group years ago. The staff are the best I’ve ever dealt; friendly, prompt, efficient, and they have Calgary’s best insurance rates.”

Mitch F.

“We are new to Canada and it was easy to understand what we needed for our apartment contents. Our landlord referred us to you. Thank you Action Insurance Group!”

Afrah S.