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Our Business and Commercial Insurance department has exclusive programs for retail shops, professional offices, hotels, motels, contractors, restaurants, truckers, leased spaces, garages, churches and more. We can write a commercial insurance program for any business from a small one employee shop to a large company engaged in a variety of different operations. We will discuss your exposures with you and help you select the most comprehensive business insurance coverage for the best value.

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Property damage liability insurance is the liability protection in your commercial insurance policy for damage to property that is not in your care, custody and control. This insurance protects you, the insured, if you are deemed responsible for damage to the property of others.

Know your insurance policy well. When things do go wrong you will expect the insurance to be there to protect you from serious financial consequences. Ask questions. Get answers. Take Action!

Off premises is a commercial insurance policy clause that gives insurance protection on property while it is away from the premises named in the policy.

In commercial auto insurance you will find that there are common and private carriers. A private carrier is a person, or a company, that is in a business other than trucking, but has transportation needs such as delivering furniture from their stores.

The commercial general liability policy may show transit coverage. This relates to transportation of owned goods.

To provide the necessary transportation they may own and operate their own trucks. They also can contract owner/operators. The private carrier own the cargo they carry. The common carrier transports goods owned by someone else.

As in all forms of insurance, there can be some exceptions. Sometimes a private carrier may license itself as a common carrier so that it can legally haul the cargo of others for a fee, thus reducing their own net transportation costs.

Commercial auto insurance uses specific terms. For truckmen there is terms used such as waybill.

A waybill identifies each specific load. A waybill is generated for each load when there is a split shipment or to deliver a shipment before the charges have been paid. It is not uncommon to have numerous waybills under one freight bill.

Truckmen usually have commercial general liability insurance, automotive insurance and cargo insurance. If there is damage to that cargo the way the waybill is written up will play a role in the amount paid out.

Talk to your Action Insurance Group agent if you have any questions or concerns regarding your current commercial insurance coverage or to enquire about new coverage.

As the owner of a fleet of vehicles and an employer it is important that you be aware of the possibility of liability for the improper actions of your employees.

This owner’s liability is based on you being responsible for the negligence of your employees when they are on the job. Since this is not directly out of your actions it is known as vicarious liability. This is something you need to consider when placing your auto insurance and your Commercial General Liability (CGL).

You could find yourself liable for the fines and the clean-up costs if there is a spill of products while they are being transported.

As always, Action Insurance Group recommends that you carefully consider your risk management program to be reduce and control possible claims. With an understanding of what might happen then you can plan for the situation and control the impact of the loss. Talk to your agent or broker.

A business is any pursuit undertaken for financial gain including a trade, profession or occupation. A business should have commercial insurance to protect the assets of the enterprise.

Liability insurance is purchased for a possible act of negligence by the owner or the employee(s). This basic business insurance policy is called a Commercial General Liability (CGL).

Coverage can be purchased to protect the continuance of the business after a claim has occurred. Without some business interruption coverage you would not have payroll funds for key employees who would go elsewhere for work. You could lose your contracts and it might take years to build the business back to where it was before the loss. Some expenses, such as a lease would still have to be paid without a revenue source. Unless you have deep pockets a lack of this coverage could be the death knell to your business.

It is strongly recommended that you discuss your scope of your operation and needs of your business with your Action Insurance broker. Many of the insurance companies offer package policies for specific business operations including mining, manufacturing, restaurant, contractor, oilfield services, farming and retail operations.

Learn more about about Liability Insurance here.

Permanently attached equipment (PAE) is equipment that cannot be readily removed from the truck or trailer. It is usually bolted or welded on to the unit.

It is important that you discuss whether or not the insurance will address the PAE as part of the commercial truck insurance or if it is to be listed separately on the Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy.

Some of the items that could be addressed this way include:

  • Air compressors
  • Balancing units
  • Carpet cleaning equipment
  • Computers
  • Cranes
  • Generators
  • GPS units (mounted in vehicle)
  • Ladder racks
  • Lift gates and kit
  • Lift kits
  • Logging equipment
  • Pressure washers
  • Shelving
  • Snow plows
  • Tool boxes
  • Welding units

If you are driving a cement mixer then the specialized equipment that is attached to your vehicle is not considered a piece of permanently attached equipment. The price of your cement mixer includes what makes it a cement mixer. Permanently attached equipment is added on to the value of the unit or listed separately.

If you failed to do so then you could find yourself without adequate insurance to replace your unit if there is a loss. Take Action! with your insurance. Know what you have. Ask questions and get answers.

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