The SCRAP-IT program, which has removed nearly 50,000 older model polluting vehicles from the roads in British Columbia, and is aiming to do the same in Alberta.

SCRAP-IT Alberta offers a $300 cash rebate to any customer who wants to scrap a vehicle. To qualify, applicants must be the registered owner of the vehicle and provide evidence of 6 months insurance. Vehicles that don’t meet the qualifications are eligible for a lower rebate.

“Our program is very well known and has been widely used in BC for over 20 years,” explains SCRAP-IT CEO Diane Roberts. “We have taken nearly 50,000 heavy polluting vehicles off the road in exchange for rebates towards cleaner transportation options. We know Alberta has the same challenges and we are excited to be introducing SCRAP-IT as an option for residents of Alberta.”

The company cites statistics showing approximately 45% of vehicles registered in Alberta in 2019 were 10 years of age, or older.
“Helping Alberta turn over its aging vehicle fleet will help reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions and encourage consumers to adopt cleaner transportation options,” they say in a release.

The SCRAP-IT program encourages and supports a transition from fossil fuel burning vehicles to hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles.

SCRAP-IT is an end-of-life vehicle program in which vehicles are permanently removed from the roads and handled in accordance with local environmental standards.

“We know that consumers respond to rebates, especially when they are achieving an environmental objective, and we are confident that Albertans will see our program as a win-win, for both themselves and the environment,” concluded Roberts.