Joanne Sheppard

Joanne is one of our senior brokers at Action and is always ready to shop around to find you the best rates for your policies. Joanne will also suggest coverage in areas you may overlook, and help ensure you are totally covered when it comes to your policy. Looking for an insurance quote?  [...]

Jessica Turner

Jessica is one of our personal lines brokers who can help with all of your insurance needs including auto, home, tenants and trailers. Jessica is one of our youngest licensed brokers and already proving to be a real asset to Action's team. Looking for Personal Lines insurance? Jessica can help! Click [...]

Denis Orhn

Denis is one of our senior brokers with extensive experience in the insurance industry. He will work hard to find his clients the best possible rates while keeping the most comprehensive coverage in place. Looking for an insurance quote?  Dennis is happy to help - get started below! Click on an [...]

Andrew Alain

Andrew is Action's premiere commercial broker and can capably address all your commercial needs. Andrew specializes in Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Surety & Bonding, Group Benefits, and Corporate Financial Services. Andrew and his team can work with any sized business- from small firms to large enterprises. Andrew's expertise extends to many industries including [...]

Kevin Krause

Kevin is a seasoned professional in personal lines insurance here at Action, and is available to help quote you a comprehensive, competitive rate for your personal lines insurance needs including car, home, trailer, tenants and travel. Looking for an insurance quote?  Kevin can get you started! Click on an insurance type [...]

Connie Stendal

Connie Stendal About Connie Director of Human Resources & Accounting Connie is our Human Resources key contact and accounting professional, ensuring that all the behind-the-scenes work is being done so that we can ensure the highest level of customer service for our valued clients. Calgary Office (587) 331-7955 (587) 331-7955 [...]

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