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Canadians interested in growing a few pot plants at home might want to take a gander at their insurance policy before getting too carried away.

Legalization of cannabis last year brought with it the right for adult Canadians to grow a maximum of four cannabis plants in their home residence. Because grow ops, no matter how small, elevate the risk or damage or loss to a home, insurers have been paying attention.

Home insurance policies have generally always contained exclusions for losses caused by criminal activities, with some specifically excluding coverage for illegal drug activity. Once cannabis was legalized federally last year, many insurers amended policies to also exclude losses from growing cannabis.

But home growers in Alberta, B.C. and Manitoba may be in luck due to something called the innocent insured provisions. These measures protect insured people who were not responsible for or played any part in causing the damage. As long as they were not responsible for the loss and did not help it happen they may still be eligible for cannabis-related coverage.

Growing cannabis at home clearly creates a higher risk of damage from fires, electrical shorts and theft. As a result, customers purchasing or renewing their insurance may soon have to declare any plans to grow cannabis at home in order to receive coverage.

Just be sure to take a good look at what that coverage actually entails. Check with your Action broker

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