Insurance for your Business

We are committed to providing commercial clients with prompt, accurate and customized insurance solutions. We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to addressing your specific commercial insurance needs.

Our goal is to identify the risks your company faces, and provide an insurance program that will be cost-effective and comprehensive.

Providing Security. Building Confidence. Delivering Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “business insurance”?
Business insurance is not a single type of insurance coverage – it’s different insurance policies tailored for businesses based on their exposures to risk.
How do I find out what types of insurance my business needs?
A professional Action Insurance Group business insurance broker is qualified to determine what types of insurance coverage your business needs, based on a comprehensive risk analysis.
Do I need specialized business coverage?
Every business has unique risks. A business insurance broker with experience in your industry can determine whether or not your business risks justify specialized insurance coverage (for example crime, professional liability or sewer back-up).
If I purchase business insurance will it prevent lawsuits?
Unfortunately, No. Nothing can prevent your business from being sued. Good business practices reduce the probability of a lawsuit but a person or organization can sue your business for almost anything – frivolous or justified. Your business insurance coverage can help you pay to defend allegations or actions against your business.

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