It appears another vehicle displaying Alberta plates has been a target of vandalism.

This time, in Summerland.

An email sent to Castanet is pointing an accusing finger at someone in the community who apparently slashed the front tire of a vehicle with Alberta plates sometime Saturday night.

“It was slashed last night by someone at Memorial park in Summerland,” according to the email.

The owner of the vehicle apparently moved to Summerland recently for work, but has not yet made the change to his registration.

“Perhaps the nice little quaint town who will not accept racism should encourage that people treat fellow Canadians with respect rather than trying to bully those with non-B.C. plates to leave with vandalism,” the email continued.”

The incident came just days after Premier John Horgan suggested motorists with out-of-province plates should consider taking public transit or riding a bicycle if they are feeling harassed.

He also suggested they consider changing to B.C. insurance if they are now residents of the province.

Horgan, when questioned about people’s anxiety over the potential spread of COVID-19, also indicated judging people by where a vehicle is from doesn’t always tell a complete story.

“We don’t know why they would continue to have plates that are not consistent with B.C. and we should act accordingly,” he said at a news briefing last week.

This is just the latest in a series of incidents that has shone a spotlight on the municipality.

Summerland is also coming to grips with the fallout of racist sentiment over racist symbols, graffiti and vandalism.

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Reposted- Castanet